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Accommodation in the Trubárka lodge is exceptional by its position in the beautiful natural locality of Strážovské Vrchy mountains, in the recreational area of Kubrica, about 8 km from the Trenčín town centre. You can arrive at Kubrica also by public transport. The Kubrica stop is about 1.5km from the Trubárka lodge.
Trubárka lodge, previously known as ODEVÁK lodge, is undergoing complete reconstruction, planned to be completed in the spring of 2020. The Trubárka lodge offers accommodation for 108 persons in 34 rooms and apartments. Since the Trubárka lodge is located only 8 kilometres from the town of Trenčín, it can be used as a suburban hotel and accommodation with plenty of attractions in a pleasant forest environment.

In the short future, the Trubárka lodge will start offering exceptional accommodation experience not only for school children or summer camps but also for adults. 
Accommodation at the Trubárka lodge near Trenčín, in the Kubrica recreational area offers you excellent home-style cooking, nice and helpful staff in any season of the year.